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Manufacturer automates MPLS failover with InstaSafe Secure Access

Overcome the availability and last mile challenges of MPLS:

MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) has been the most popular method of interconnecting offices to ensure applications are accessible to users. The major benefit of the technology is that MPLS providers promise SLA based performance of network sensitive applications in the data center.

However, physical infrastructure issues, such as poor last mile connectivity in remote areas, can reduce MPLS network benefits for remote offices. Such configurations typically require the location to be connected using a site-to-site VPN on which data is routed to the MPLS network (also known as backhauling). This is a risky option as most offices only have one physical link to the MPLS network, and if there is an outage on that link, the location is disconnected from the entire MPLS network.

The most obvious - but not the most practical solution - is to create a redundant network of site-to-site VPNs from each of the locations to the data center. This is further complicated if there are more than one data centers to be connected, or if connectivity to the DR location is also to be maintained from each site. The management, security and costs are prohibitive for managing such a complex setup.

InstaSafe Secure Access, delivered as a service, is an easy to deploy and manage solution.

The diagram below gives you a quick understanding of how the solution works.

Automatic failover process:

  • With InstaSafe Secure Access endpoint agent, all endpoints create two tunnels each - one to the Controller based in the data center via the MPLS network and the other to the InstaSafe Cloud.
  • The InstaSafe endpoint agent uses the MPLS network as the default WAN link for all application access.
  • If the agent detects that the MPLS link is not active, it automatically fails over to the InstaSafe Cloud link via the internet and is connected to the applications in the data center.

Additionally, all of the other security benefits of InstaSafe are available such as:

  • Identity based granular application access control
  • Multi-factor authentication - Password + OTP (optional)
  • Password-less authentication using InstaSafe Managed PKI certificates
  • Device binding to user (optional)
  • Host checks to ensure user device is compliant with corporate policies
  • Extremely simplified user experience - access to applications is the same whether from office or out of office.

Further, remote locations without MPLS connectivity can be plugged into the network through normal internet connectivity through the InstaSafe Cloud. And lastly, applications in Public Clouds (IaaS) can easily be available for all users through the InstaSafe Cloud with all the security benefits described above.

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