We are InstaSafe

We are creating secure spaces for companies to work in.

We are empowering workforces to be more productive.

We Simplify Access.

We are redefining Trust.

Our Mission

InstaSafe firmly believes that cybersecurity, as an implementable concept, needs to become more accessible, scalable, and simple. This becomes all the more pertinent in the current context, with businesses moving to the cloud, and employees not moving out of their homes.

With that in context, we are committed to delivering an uncompromisingly secure cloud and remote journey for businesses and workforces with our security solutions. The flexibility of InstaSafe is precisely what allows us to cater to the security needs of businesses of every size, and help in ensuring a secure and seamless experience for security teams and end users

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About Us

With a mission to simplify cybersecurity and make it more accessible, InstaSafe has grown from strength to strength to become Asia's fastest growing cybersecurity company. InstaSafe aims to make the internet safe, connected and open, by eliminating the gaps in traditional security tools. InstaSafe empowers organisations in their digital transformation journey, by enabling secure access of enterprise applications to users across the globe, with maximum security, seamless experience, and minimal risk. To secure enterprises from the abuse of excessive trust, we empower them in preparing their security infrastructure for digital transformation in a cloud-dominated world.

Recognised by Gartner as one of the top representative vendors providing Zero Trust Security, InstaSafe Secure Access and InstaSafe Zero Trust Application Access follow the vision that trust can never be an entitlement, to offer securely enhanced and rapid access of enterprise applications to users situated anywhere across the globe. Spread across 5 continents, we secure 500,000 endpoints for more than 100 Fortune 2000 companies, with our cloud-delivered solutions, ensuring that our offerings are in line with our mission of being Cloud, Secure, and Instant

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What we offer

As an industry pioneer in Zero Trust, human-centric solutions, we, at InstaSafe have backed the belief that at the center of security for businesses, lies the ability to enable workforces to unleash their potential, irrespective of where they are. Which is why we help organisations in fulfilling their goal of productivity on scale, by simplifying the challenge of ACCESS.

With our hyperscalable and modular solutions, we aim to make the cloud and remote journey for businesses and workforces, much simpler, and much more secure

Our Values

The team at InstaSafe lays firm belief in the core values of Transparency, Continuous Improvement, and our Commitment to Results



The team prides itself at being open and transparent to its customers and its own workforce, which is why we have the trust of some of the largest Fortune 2000 companies in the world

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Our highly creative cross functional teams take a cue from ‘Kaizen’, and refuse to see an end to the optimization of our technologies, making continuous incremental upgrades to make our offerings more secure and seamless

Commitment to Results

Commitment to Results

We wouldn’t mind going the extra mile to ensure impenetrable security for our clients. Our customer-first approach has led to one of the highest retention rates in the industry

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

Sandip Kumar Panda

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Biju George

Chief Technology Officer


Prashanth G

Director - Sales