Secure Single Sign-on (SSO) for all your SaaS apps

One click access to multiple applications in a single dashboard without the need to sign-in separately for each application

Why is it Painful to manage multiple application access?

Password Breach Threat

Password Breach Threat

80% of data breaches are due to weak or stolen passwords. Users tend to use the same password for multiple applications. One password breach can lead to breach of multiple applications.

Management Complexity

Management Complexity

For every outgoing employee, their access to multiple applications needs to be revoked manually by IT administrators, else it can cause data leakage.

Lack of complete visibility

Lack of complete visibility

IT administrators lack visibility of which user is accessing which application from which location. Passwords resharing are common and IT admin lacks visibility and control over user activity.

One Click Application Access - Single Sign On Advantage

One Click Application Access - Single Sign On Advantage

Single Dashboard for Application Access

One single dashboard for users with multiple applications icons that can be accessed using single click. Only provisioned applications are visible on the dashboard.

Granular Application Access Controls

Provision applications to particular users or user groups that they are authorized to access. Only authorized applications are visible on the dashboard of users

Enhanced Security with MFA and Device Binding

Additional security controls with built in Multi factor authentication while Single Sign On. Device binding and device security posture check controls can be enabled to ensure the right user with authorized devices gets access to corporate sensitive applications.

Complete Visibility of User Activity

End to end visibility of user activities which includes user login time, login success and failure status, user device and geo location details, and various other information with integration with SIEM tool.

Seamless Support for your Stack

InstaSafe integrates seamlessly with every internal applications, databases, and cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions on Secure Single Sign-on

Single Sign On (SSO) is an authentication mechanism for applications which enables users to sign in to multiple applications with the one set of credentials.

InstaSafe Single Sign On (SSO) supports login using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) protocol. SAML is an XML-based open security standard framework for authentication and authorization across two different systems (Service Provider and an Identity Provider). Service providers in this case are applications and InstaSafe acts as identity provider.

Instasafe Zero Trust can act as a SAML Service Provider to utilize any third party IDPs to log users into the system. Both IDP Initiated and Service Provider (SP) Initiated modes of SAML Authentication are supported by the ZTAA platform

InstaSafe Single Sign On (SSO) is integrated with InstaSafe's own multi-factor authentication (MFA) which provides an additional security layer beyond user id and passwords. InstaSafe also provides a Secure Enterprise Browser with additional security features which provides a complete secure access mechanism for enterprise users.

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