Instasafe Zero Trust vs Zscaler Private Access

A way better and most affordable Zero Trust alternative solution for modern enterprises. Experience it to believe it.

Our Security Solutions are

A VPN Alternative that is Driving Productive and Secure Remote Work for more than 500,000 users

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InstaSafe's integrated security offerings empower workforces to securely access critical assets while working from anywhere

As compared to legacy systems like Zscaler, InstaSafe holds customer data privacy as paramount. To ensure this, it follows a Privacy First approach.

Single Message Authorization

Single Message Authorization

Leverages Single Message Authorisation to identify and authorise connections prior to access

Split Plane Architecture

Split Plane Architecture

Separation of control plane, where trust is established, from data plane, where data is transferred

Server Blackening

Server Blackening

All data is invisible and inaccessible to the external internet and to unauthorised users

Privacy First

Privacy First

All sensitive data flows directly from user device to application without going through our machines

InstaSafe's solutions are born in the cloud, and can be deployed for workforces of any size and diversity within days

Flexibility of Choice

Flexibility of Choice

Customers can choose between client based or clientless, native browser based access as per their access control preference

Available across platforms

Available across platforms

InstaSafe supports Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices to provide a seamless user experience

Easy deployment on BYOD devices

Easy deployment on BYOD devices

With its flexible options, customers can easily deploy InstaSafe on BYOD devices as well as 3rd party devices

Why is Instasafe Zero Trust Solution the best option for you?

One Access

With its integrated access technology, InstaSafe combines and simplifies access needs for any type of application hosted anywhere into a single solution, with inbuilt MFA, SSO, IDP capabilities

With Zscaler, additional inbuilt capabilities that support Zero Trust implementation aren't present. MFA, SSO, IDP, Geo Risk Assessment, ML Based authentication are not inbuilt

One Security

With its Privacy First Approach, InstaSafe ensures complete data privacy for its customers, while still employing strong security controls

With Zscaler, all internet bound traffic is steered to the Zscaler Cloud for inspection, making it susceptible to supply chain attacks and greater latency

One Platform

InstaSafe's Zero Trust solutions are available across multiple platforms and devices, with support for Linux, iOS, and MacOS

With Zscaler, there is no availability of the ZPA platform on Linux, iOS, and MacOS

One Pricing

InstaSafe offers single point low pricing plans for enterprises of all sizes, with its scale as you go solutions that can be deployed for any enterprise/startup

With Zscaler, the pricing plans are targeted only towards enterprises of large sizes, and are not compatible with a scale as you go model

InstaSafe vs Zscaler


Inbuilt IDP

Support for Linux, MacOS, iOS

Inbuilt, Integrated SSO

Inbuilt MFA

ML Based Authentication

Split Plane Architecture

Support for RDP/SSH





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