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Data protection and identity management are the biggest challenge in securing Hybrid Environments.

Simplify hybrid data center security with custom multi-cloud VPCs (virtual private clouds) and secure access, with seven layers of integrated security under the hood, for a simpler user experience.

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Sample Architecture of Secure Hybrid Data Centers

In the example we have provided above of a hybrid cloud environment, two private data centers in South Africa and Mumbai, India and two public cloud data centers in the U.S. and U.K. are interconnected securely through InstaSafe Cloud. InstaSafe Cloud is spread globally across regions and provides full redundancy, security and scalability to meet dynamic workload demands.

A huge benefit for all organisations from this architecture comes from having InstaSafe Cloud perform the authentication and the authorisation of users and their devices outside the data centers before allowing access to the applications.

The Secure Access Gateways provide secure tunnels from inside the data centers, enabling access without having to open inbound ports on firewalls and hence reducing the attack surface.

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A Single Pane helps you control, monitor and manage employees, contractors, partners and vendors, and give them access only to specific applications - located on-premises or in the cloud - and based on their role.

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Zero inbound open ports on your firewall The Secure Access Gateway creates an outbound tunnel from the data center to the controller. All traffic from users and other data centers use this tunnel to reach the applications.
Device binding to Users Bind the device(s) to the user to prevent credential theft attacks and reduce data loss.
Identity based application access control Secure Access has a built-in cloud firewall that enforces user/group level selective access to specific applications based on their roles.
Multi-factor authentication Users can be provisioned and authenticated from corporate identity management systems such as Active Directory, LDAP and others, and also be prompted to provide OTP using built-in or third-party systems.
Host checks to enforce corporate compliance You can enforce endpoint compliance, such as updated antivirus and OS patches, before allowing access to applications.
Mutual TLS encrypted channel All traffic between the users and the data center or between data centers is encrypted using AES-256 bit tunnels that are mutually authenticated using our own managed PKI setup.
Managed PKI We provide the Public Key Infrastructure fully integrated with the system to allow for seamless user and device authentication freeing your IT staff to focus on managing the policies.

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