Encrypted Private Network

InstaSafe provides remote mobile workers with simple, secure, reliable remote access to network resources and applications from virtually anywhere Split tunnel, etc.

  • SSL/TLS based VPN – SSL/TLS is a proven, standard, widely used (including web browsers) security protocol, easy to use, traverses firewalls and NAT devices seamlessly.
  • Layer 3 SSL VPN with dual transport(SSL + Encapsulating Security Payload) with granular access control.
  • Full range of Split tunneling options are configurable as per configuration requirements.
  • Light-weight software agent based endpoint app available across platforms.
  • Zero configuration required at end points.
  • Centralized, Secure management using myInstaSafe.
  • Host Checking - End-point devices can be checked prior to and during a remote access session to verify an acceptable device security posture against corporate required OS check, Antivirus update check and other needs.
  • Fully redundant InstaSafe cloud network spanning multiple cloud providers across geographies.

Multi-Layer Authentication

Remote users are required to properly identify themselves before obtaining entry to the network to prevent unauthorized access. InstaSafe Secure Access (ISA) can be configured to enforce a combination of authentication mechanisms including Active Directory, hardware tokens and client certificate authentication.

  • Instasafe’s multi layer approach ensures building high-trust with ease with:
    • Organization level authentication
    • Device level authentication
    • Optional user level authentication
    • Optional MAC Binding
    • Optional One TIme Password (OTP)
  • Two-way digital certificate based authentication for strong, mutual authentication.
  • Perfect forward secrecy for VPN Tunnels.
  • Data Traffic protected using AES-128/256 encryption and SHA-1 message digest.
  • Supports multiple industry generic authentication servers & Active Directory(AD) through RADIUS integration.
  • Granular access control to ensure remote users access only authorised applications and servers.
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Policy Enforcement

Fine grained access control support helps ensure that only authorized users get access to your critical data. Intuitive myInstaSafe web application makes access control rule definition simpler, logical and instantly effective.

In just a few clicks, you can create policies that extend your security posture to devices, servers, cloud instances, anywhere across the WAN.


  • Set access control rules by source device and destination device.
  • Allow/block ports & protocols from a set of common services using Service level ACL’s.
  • Create custom service rules by specifying desired ports/port-ranges and/or protocols to allow/block.


  • Grant guest access to temporary workers.
  • Enable network-segmentation and separation of sub-networks.
  • Distributed policy enforcement and eliminate backhauling of network traffic.
  • Compliment your existing security infrastructure without the need for additional hardware appliances.


myInstaSafe the central management portal provides system administrators & account owners to view logs and generate reports for clear visibility. myInstaSafe generates real time reports on VPN use, resource activity, failed logins, as well as other information.

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