Why InstaSafe

Instasafe is one of the fastest emerging leaders of cloud security solution (SDP) among its global peers. In a short span of time InstaSafe's colud security solutions have been adopted by many leading enterprises such as HDFC, Federal Bank, Asian Paints, Aditya Birla Retail, Croma, More, Vistaar Finance, Manipal Education, Embassy Group, Pidilite etc to name a few.


"The Software Defined Perimeter Market size is expected to grow from USD 992.8 Million in 2006 to USD 4,396.1 Million by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 34.7% during the forecast period as stated by Research & Report."

We bring most innovative technologies that protect your customers against the growing cyber threats such as Ransomware, DDoS. APT with advance encryption technology based security solutions.

InstaSafe Portfolio Benefits


Highly Interactive Margins &
Recurring revenue


State of the Art Innovative
Cloud Security Solution


One Solution with
Multiple Benefits


Scalable, Elastic and


Simple Deployment and


Unified Central


Exciting Reward &
Incentive Programs


Joint Marketing


Zero Hardware - Less
Support Solution


Exam & Certification

Our InstaSafe Premier League Programs

InstaSafe prides itself in helping its partners grow with the fastest growing Cyber Security Market with its state of the art, yet simple plug & play cloud Security Solution, that is easy for your teams and secure for your customers.

We have a varied program to suit your business objectives, so here is the best opportunity to choose from, we are just a call away.


Hosting &
MSSP League

Increase your value proposition for your customers, while helping them reduce their security risk from cyber threats, the complexity of network monitoring & reduce support challenges. InstaSafe also enables you to add value based “Security as a Service” for your customers. It also helps you reduce your support costs, network monitoring and adds to profitability.


Expert Alliance

Now reduce your support worries for managing complex IT Infrastructures from growing cyber threats. Increase your operational efficiency and increased business revenue.


Affiliate & Referral

For IT Consultants, Sales & Pre Salespersons, IT security advisors and others can refer their customers looking for cloud security solutions for succession fees and incentives.



As our distributor partner, you can expand your portfolio with the revolutionary Software Defined Perimeter Security solution among your network within a region or across multiple countries. Which not only compliments your product portfolio but adds to your bottom line growth.


Integrators & OEMs

With growing demand for an end to end solution, you can integrate our security solution to your product or solution to differentiate and higher customer satisfaction.

Hosting Solution &
MSSPs Leagues (VAS Partner)

Telcos, ISPs, Datacenter, MSSPs now can easily integrate our solution into their VAS offerings and protect their customers from growing & complex cyber threats. InstaSafe Security product & solutions are designed to protect your customer from various cyber attacks such as APT, DDoS or ransomware with military grade encryption technology. It helps you to simplify your network and add value with security as a service solution for your customers. Let’s join hands to extend the most innovative cloud security solutions for your captive and new customers, that helps to secure their IT assets and add to your value proposition & profitability.

  • Privileged access to our latest developments
  • Customised solutions design
  • Dedicate account managers
  • Bulk license purchase & management console
  • Priority SLAs

Expert Alliances
(SI Channel Partner Program)

Today’s growing IT Infrastructures have continuously posed varied challenges for Network / Security admins as well to the partners by increasing support issues. Instapaper's cloud security solution brings easy to manage networks from security threats while allowing granular level control of endpoints and applications. This helps our expert alliance partners to reduce cost while adding value to their customers.

  • Co-Marketing and MDF support
  • Special Incentive on target Achievements
  • Partner Level Promotions
  • Customer Lock-in rewards
  • Option to advance purchase Cloud Credit
  • Bid & RFP support

Affiliate &
Referral Starts

For IT Consultants, Sales & Pre Salespersons, IT security advisors and others can refer their customers looking for cloud security solutions for additional benefits ranging from cash incentives to reward points. Earn cash incentives for every new customer that you refer to InstaSafe. After sign up, you will have access to our vast marketing collaterals that can help you earn more.

  • Easy & Simple Program
  • Upfront Customer Lock in & Succession fee plans for your referrals
  • Tools and resources to support and help your referral business


As our distribution partner, you have an opportunity to add to your product and solution portfolio the Nextgen cloud security solution, that is designed to work seamlessly protecting large IT infrastructures with ease and value for your investment.

  • Bulk Purchase Options (Cloud Credits)
  • Market Development Support
  • Technical Training & Support for your channel partners
  • Dedicate account managers

Technology Integrators
& OEMs

The business demands seamless access and business continuity has put tremendous pressure on IT Networks and its security. While enterprises today grapple with their complex IT infrastructure due to multiple types of hardware & software in their networks, and monitoring and managing them becoming a herculean task in a distributed network environment. This increases the possibilities of cyber attacks or breaches by hackers for these organizations, which could cause loss of millions of dollars and valuable data.

InstaSafe’s technology is interoperable and can seamlessly integrate with your product/solution offerings to provide a complete end to end security solution for customers. If you would like to integrate our solution or looking for a white label product, please call our experts.

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