InstaSafe secures SAP and AUTOCAD application access for a leading real estate company with always on connectivity

Real Estate

About the Company

One of the leading residential real estate development companies in South India, primarily focused on the mid-market and affordable housing categories. The customer is among the five largest residential real estate companies in South India. It has a major presence in 2 megacities in India, and has been constantly expanding its presence to other parts of the subcontinent

Business Challenges

Secure Connectivity to SAP and AUTOCAD applications from anywhere

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Always On connectivity for Sales Professionals and Contractors

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Secure access only by authorised users on authorised connections


Zero Trust Encrypted Access to SAP and AUTOCAD applications

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Always On Connectivity to prevent hindrance of multiple authentication processes

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Single Click Access to authorised applications

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Secure access of single AUTOCAD license by multiple personnel with a single login


Reduced Costs with a single unified Zero trust access solution

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Increased security for SAP applications

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Need to know access to authorised and authenticated users only

Using ZTNA Cloud Security solutions to secure enterprise applications reduced costs significantly, while provisioning increased security for SAP applications by extending access to pre-authorised users and pre-authenticated users

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