India's leading logistics firm leverages InstaSafe to unify secure access for multiple applications


About the Company

The Customer is one of India's leading air express shipping, cargo, and logistics company. With a presence across 500 districts in India, the company handles more than 12 million shipments a day, and operates through a large network of warehouses and franchises

Business Challenges

Multiple Endpoints across warehouses in distributed geographies, with a Linux based presence

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Linux Support for Secure Remote Access to Applications

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Extending Secure Access to all enterprise applications through a single unified solution

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Securing exposed Linux Server being used to access enterprise application


InstaSafe Zero Trust Access used to unify secure access to all applications, cloud based or on-premise

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Server blackening leveraged to conceal and secure exposed Linux Server

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Centralised Access Management to on-premise and cloud apps from one dashboard

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Complete Visibility over access by all remote and off-premise users


Integration of security for cloud and on-premise applications into a single security solution

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Restricted, Need to Know authorised access to Enterprise applications

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Seamless Flexibility and support across all operating systems

InstaSafe stands out in terms of its flexibility and adaptability to dynamic hybrid environments. With singular visibility and management of access for any type of application, we are assured of better leg space in terms of security and cost effectiveness

Seamless Deployment. Support across Operating Systems. Unified Access to your Applications. Secure your applications with InstaSafe today