One of India's largest fertiliser companies leverages InstaSafe's Zero Trust solutions to secure its supply network and ensure seamless SAP access


About the Company

The company in question is one of India's foremost players in the chemical fertilisers business, producing more than 13% of the total urea in the country. It is responsible for fulfilling agricultural needs in more than 10 states in North, West, East, and Central India, with more than 19 regional offices, 2800 dealers, and 50,000 retailers

Business Challenges

Encrypted, Secure access of SAP-ERP System hosted on MagicNet DC by 3rd party distributors

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Management of access by 3rd party distribution partners on unmanaged devices

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Access Policy Configuration for access of SAP by 3rd party distributors scattered across multiple geographies

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Secure Supply Chain exposed to public access through public IPs

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Restrict Access by distributors on the basis of device type and posture


Restrict Multi-device login

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Limited Need to Know Access only to authorised applications

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SAP Server removed from public Access and made inaccessible to unauthorised users

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End to End encrypted secure Access of SAP Server


The Enterprise Network was secured from dynamic supply chain attacks

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Secure SAP access for more than 200 distributors through unmanaged devices

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End to end deployment exercise by the InstaSafe Support team saved more than 50% deployment costs and time

"With cyberattacks targeting weak links in every company's supply chain, we had to make sure to cover all of our based and secure our massive network of unprotected distributors. InstaSafe's "SDP approach helped to make our SAP applications accessible only to authorised users, and also secured end-user devices through the Zero Trust Agent. A truly scalable cloud security solution"- CISO

InstaSafe secures access to your SAP modules with a Zero Trust approach