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Committed to Providing you with the best possible support experience.

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The Pillars At Work

Our primary objective is to ensure your business runs smoothly and that there is no hiccup in your day to day Workflow. Our team is a bunch of dedicated, proactive and enthusiastic engineers who are ready to take charge of any issues you face. We manage your Secure Access deployment and provide instant response and support for issue resolution.

We constantly stay abreast and upgrade our skills with latest IT updates.

We look at the precise issue and provide solutions relevant to your problems.

Our skilled workforce is extensively trained on the technology and the product.

We proceed with any given task with in-depth understanding of the product.

We master every customer's use case to provide quick and accurate solution.

We prioritize for better efficiency and also address hygiene issues regularly.

InstaSafe support SLA

Committed to Providing you with the best possible support experience.

Severity / Tier Silver Gold Platinum
P1 1 hour 30 mins 30 mins
P2 2 hour 1 hour 30 mins
P3 6 hour 4 hour 2 hour
P4 10 hour 8 hour 6 hour
Support Hours 9am to 6pm IST,24x7 for P1 24x7 24x7
Support Channels Web, Email, Phone - Only Remote Support

*All timing above are for response time

The significance of PARTS in our Support


We will have experts available that know how to identify problems and offer solutions.


We employ creative and practical solutions for your hosting service.


Service will be provide a support team that will be availbale to you 24x7x365.


We actively listen and provide you with direct and individualized communications.


We empower our employees to make decisions and take actions on your behalf.

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