Endpoint Privilege Management: Mitigate Cyber Crimes with Privileged Access Management

Endpoint Privilege Management: Mitigate Cyber Crimes with Privileged Access Management
Endpoint Privilege Management: Mitigate Cyber Crimes with Privileged Access Management

In this digital era, the efficiency and quality of work have gained a massive boost with the advancement in technology and increased dependency on the internet. The jobs that were possible to perform only in the office environment can be easily completed without moving out of your home place. This improvement in technology is followed by various unethical means to access private data.

According to Statista, 2,41,342 companies have reported phishing emails cyberattacks, with many other cases of various attacks. Malicious bodies such as hackers, or other external bodies try to invade the company network with the help of phishing emails, lost or stolen credentials logins, clickbait links, unsecured software. These ways are often unnoticeable and neglected by the employees.

Of course, there are ways to defend your company from the various exploits. This blog will help you learn about the different aspects and features of cybersecurity such as Endpoint Privilege Management to protect your company from such vulnerabilities.

Potential Threats

It is easy for an employee to fall into the trap and click on phishing emails or unsecured links. To avoid such incidents deploying various security software and implementing security approaches such as Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) becomes necessary.

They are responsible for creating a separate network area for every user and avoid any interconnection of networks. SDP is a popular way to hide the networks, servers, and routers from external bodies. The defence wall of SDP provides security only to the devices within the company network.

However, the network details cannot stay hidden by the internal bodies of an organization. If SDP is protecting the network of your company, any employee working without any Remote Workforce Security can be the target for hackers to enter the company network.

Routers and servers are known as the endpoint of the network. These endpoints are the easiest targets when placed outside the perimeter. In order to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities, it is important to provide tight security to the endpoints of the network.

Least Privileged Access— the Ladder to Critical Data

Various employees are working for your company on various levels. Different permissions and accessibilities to the company’s resources and networks are required by the employees.

When various privileged access data is stacked together on the portal and the confidential and sensitive data of your company is unlocked only on the basis of the identity of the authorised user, it is known as privilege access. Now it is easy for any person to access this data since privilege plays an important role in the security of the company's data.

Endpoint privilege management works on similar principles. It assumes that every level of the system can be under the threat and hence, protects every level including the endpoint of the system. It provides the right access to only the user holding the rights to the software or application.

Extended benefits of this system are as follows:

  • Elimination of unnecessary privileges
  • Blocks credential theft
  • Regular audit of daily routine.
  • The malicious behaviour of an employee is analyzed in a short amount of time on the basis of the risk reports created by the audit at regular intervals.

The pace, productivity, and profit of the company are never altered, as appropriate access is provided to all the users according to their position.

Multi-level Protection

The new approach embraced by the Endpoint Privilege Management was designed to protect the process and application from threats. The reason behind the approach is quite simple, that there are a large number of tasks and processes performed by the employees on various applications. This makes the work area more scattered, gives more ways and opportunities for external bodies to enter the network via these applications. So it becomes crucial to protect the platform used to perform the daily task.

The basic idea of this approach is to implement privilege management on the platform. This imposes a limitation on every process, task, software, application, used by the user. The applications and the user are bound to work with a certain set of provided privileges. This makes the platform less vulnerable to any malicious action.The benefit of such protection is that it provides the user with only the required process and causes no obstacle in the route of daily work.

Simplifying the process

The unnecessary invasion of employees or users in the areas where confidential and sensitive data of an organization can lead to malfunctioning. To avoid the circumstances where a normal user or unauthorized employee has access equal to the admin.

The endpoint privilege management separates the employees or the users into different categories where the highest level of access provided to the admins allow the admin to perform various modifications to the process and application used by the lower-level employees or the users. The users or employees are restricted to limited tasks.


The endpoint is considered as one of the most vulnerable locations and easy targets. This is usually due to the absence of security at the end-users side. This becomes the root cause for the breach in the company’s security. The total loss faced due to such a security breach touched the peak of 4,200 million U.S dollars in 2020 according to Statista.

Malicious bodies make the most of what they have. The small opening can cause the failure of the whole organization. The companies with protected networks consisting of Multifactor Authentication and other security measures often face such issues. Many companies find ways to tackle such situations. One of the best possible ways encountered is to protect your organization with Instasafe securities.

Implementing a Zero Trust Security approach to your organization helps in efficient endpoint privilege management. Our cybersecurity solutions enable you to achieve greater heights of success and overcome various cyber attacks so that you and your employee work without any obstacles and with full efficiency.

What are you waiting for? Leave all your worries to us and experience one of the best cybersecurity solutions today.

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