5 Benefits of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

5 Benefits of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
Benefits of What is Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

The increasing cybersecurity threats and online attacks are the major concerns for organisations today. According to the statistics, 68% of organisations experienced targeted network attacks, resulting in data losses. Moreover, in the remote working environment, the average data breach costs have increased by $137,000.

These statistics show the negative repercussions of network attacks, additional expenditures to incur the costs, and the growing importance of ensuring maximum network security in place.

One solution organisations rely on to ensure security is the Zero Trust Network model. In this article, we'll learn more about ZTNA and its benefits for your organisation's network security and data integrity. Let's go!

What Is ZTNA?

Zero Trust Network Access is a network security solution that provides seamless and secure connectivity to remote users to access the organisation's resources, data, and critical applications on defined control access policies.

It creates fast and encrypted connections for remote users to the network without exposing them to the internet or data breaches. In addition, it delivers network security based on the users and applications and not solely based on the IP addresses, irrespective of the user's and device's location.

Let's look at the benefits of ZTNA for your organisation's network.

5 Benefits Of ZTNA For Your Organisation

Statistics suggest that the Zero Trust Network Architecture will increase from $820 million in 2022 to $1.674 billion by 2025.

Here are the benefits of Zero Trust Network Access to ensure maximum network security and performance.

Enhanced security with authenticated access

Zero Trust Security works on the framework of ''Never Trust, Always Verify''. Thus, instead of allowing everyone to access the network with implicit trust, Zero Trust only grants access to authenticated and authorised users and devices to particular resources and applications on a need-to-know basis.

This elimination of implicit trust makes Zero Trust Network Access reduce the risks of data breaches and online attacks by preventing malicious users' entry to the network.

Simplified access controls

Apart from external threats, organisations also need to ensure security from internal employees because of the ever-growing number of internal frauds.

Zero Trust Network Security allows you to implement role-based access to critical network resources and applications. Thus, not every user can access all the network resources. Instead, they'll be able to see and access only the resources they need to complete their work.

This access control strengthens internal business security and improves the user experience with single one-click access to the network resources.

Better network visibility

Zero Trust Network Access provides a complete bird's eye view of the entire network traffic and user activities. For example, you can view who's accessing the network, what devices they use to access it, what applications they're accessing, and more.

This network visibility helps identify threat vectors and malicious users and remove them from the network perimeter before they compromise or cause any damage to the network's security.

Seamless scalability

Unlike VPNs, you need not worry about maintenance complexity and the difficulty in scalability with Zero Trust solutions. Traditional VPN security services come with security stacks that require expensive expenditures and increase management complexity.

On the contrary, Zero Trust Network Access is cloud-ready and hardware-free, simplifying scalability, making deployment a breeze, and allowing you to scale the network as you go affordably and seamlessly.

Reduced data breach risks

Zero Trust assumes every user and device is not secure and hostile.

This strict authentication and authorisation reduces and significantly eliminates the risks of data breaches and losses and secures your critical business data.


Zero Trust Access offers unmatched network security compared to traditional security solutions, like VPNs.

So, if you wish to strengthen your network security and leverage Zero Trust Network solution benefits, choose a suitable ZTNA service for your organisation.

You can also check our Zero Trust Network Access solutions at InstaSafe and book a free demo today to learn more.

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