How to Improve Cloud Security and Productivity by Whitelisting IPs

How to Improve Cloud Security and Productivity by Whitelisting IPs
How to Improve Cloud Security and Productivity by Whitelisting IPs

IP whitelisting is an important network security process. It allows IT, employees and administrators to allocate team members a static and single outgoing IP address. Hence, it fosters new types of on-premises and cloud configurations possible with only static or fixed IP addresses.

However, the manual process of whitelisting Internet Protocol (IP) addresses can be a hassle and a sluggish and time-consuming task requiring constant management. Hence, implementing a solution that performs this to boost your employee’s productivity and helps enhance cloud security is important.

In this article, we’ll see what IP whitelisting and its benefits are and how you can improve your organisation’s cloud security network and employee productivity by whitelisting IP addresses.

IP Whitelisting: An Overview

As mentioned, IP whitelisting is delegating a static IP address to your team member and providing them access to restricted network resources.

Thus, instead of allowing every user and team member to access your network and its resources, you can whitelist IP addresses to grant access to the specific employees who need to access the resources.

As a network administrator, you can control the admin panel and easily allow specific IP address access to the resources users require to do their work.

Thus, contrary to blacklisting that identifies and blocks access to security risks and threats, IP whitelisting lets you filter our untrusted resources and grant entry to trusted resources—ensuring high cloud access security.

Now, let’s look at how to improve your network’s cloud security access through IP whitelisting.

How To Improve And Ensure High Cloud Security Of Your Business With IP Whitelisting?

Performing IP whitelisting promotes security and workforce productivity by offering an easy and secure solution for employees to access the company’s private resources from corporate’s or personal devices.

Here are the ways IP whitelisting helps your business and network security.

Boosts cloud security

Executing IP whitelisting lets you improve network security by stopping unauthenticated and unauthorised access to your network and filtering out unknown and untrusted IP addresses.

Even if an unknown user attempts to access your company network with unsecure IP addresses that aren’t whitelisted, their access will be automatically denied. At InstaSafe, our cloud access security features allow you to leverage cloud security access control to manage and create role-based access control to ensure a secure and authenticated network connection.

Secure remote access

IP whitelisting makes it easy to enable enterprises with remote access to the company network in a secure manner, including personal, corporate, and  BYOD, allowing employees to access the network and work from remote locations securely.

Remote access security lets businesses mitigate and fight against both on-site and cloud security risks that can have a negative impact on your organisation’s credibility, reputation, and business revenue.

Even if an employee or team member leaves your organisation, you can simply remove their IP address from your company’s whitelist so they cannot remotely access your company’s resources, ensuring maximum cloud app security.

Enhances productivity

Without reliable service providers that offer secure cloud access solutions, you would have to manually whitelist user IP addresses for specific websites, users, and other important resources.

This manual process is too time-consuming and takes up a major chunk of the employee’s time, which they can otherwise invest in other crucial business tasks.

Moreover, whitelisting can also restrict access to distracting and unsecured websites to prevent hampering productivity and business losses. Employees who use secure devices for business operations can only use trusted and whitelisted websites when browsing, thus mitigating the risks of cyber and malicious attacks.

Get Started With Secure Cloud Access With InstaSafe

High cloud security is the key to protecting your network’s critical data, resources, and applications against malicious attacks and preventing huge business losses.

IP whitelisting allows you to control who can access resources within your network to guarantee security against malicious users and data breaches.

Similarly, we offer highly secure InstaSafe technologies, such as Secure Cloud Access, to help you secure your cloud infrastructure, simplify cloud access for remote employees, and enhance the overall efficiency of your organisation. So, make sure to check and opt for our simple and efficient Zero Trust services and book a demo today to know more.

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