7 Ways Cloud VPN Can Skyrocket Your Company’s Success

7 Ways Cloud VPN Can Skyrocket Your Company’s Success
Ways Cloud VPN Can Skyrocket Your Company’s Success

If your organisation has been working remotely for a while, you must know that you need a secure Cloud VPN for secure cloud remote access.

Major eCommerce giants like Shopify and Facebook have announced that they’ll be returning to the offices in the future, with 50% of the employees or workforce working from remote locations.

Hence, with businesses and huge corporates and organisations not willing to go back to working offline fully and continuing to operate remotely in some proportions, the need for a cloud-based remote access VPN is high.

The traditional VPN solutions come with many security risks and issues, such as:

  • Larger attack surfaces due to excessive implicit trust.
  • Performance lags and latency issues due to network data backhauling.
  • Comes with many security risks, making it easier for malicious hackers to access and exploit the network.
  • Provides no visibility over your cloud network and environment, making it difficult to monitor the traffic.
  • They don’t support digital transformation for today’s remote working environment, like BYOD devices.

This is where a cloud-based VPN plays an important role. In this article, we share the seven amazing ways you can use your cloud VPN for your network’s security and company’s success.

7 Benefits Of Cloud VPN For Your Organisation

Here’s how a VPN on the cloud can benefit your business and organisation network.

Security from cybersecurity attacks

When you set up a VPN on a cloud server, it makes a secure tunnel between your company’s network and employees’ devices to allow your employees to share and access private files and resources, communicate with one another, and send critical data and information securely.

A Cloud VPN secures and protects your organisation from potential security threats and online data breaches. Moreover, it also encrypts the data within your network. So, even if hackers access this data, it’ll be encrypted, and they won’t be able to decipher and use it—ensuring maximum data security and integrity.

Direct and unrestricted access to cloud applications

Seamless cloud integration with necessary applications is essential to perform business operations.

Traditional Virtual Private Cloud solutions don’t offer practical access to cloud applications as they route end users or your employees to the data centre before granting access to the cloud-based or SaaS tools and applications.

On the other hand, Cloud VPN solutions offer secure, fast, convenient, and direct access to cloud-based applications for your company’s success.

Enhanced user experience

Users or your company employees need to access cloud solutions without experiencing performance issues to maintain and boost their work productivity.

A secure, fast, private, and the best VPN for the cloud provides single-click access to several cloud applications hosted in different cloud environments.

Simple management and maintenance

Cloud VPN services are easy to manage, and you can manage access to cloud applications and assets from a single, intuitive, standardised, and seamless dashboard.

This dashboard reduces the management complexity and maintenance of multiple network monitoring tools for your organisation.

Reduced operational costs

Software-based or cloud-based unified access solutions for tools and applications hosted on hybrid cloud environments minimise the total operational expenditure of the tools and resources you don’t require for your company.

Limitless BYOD access

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a new norm today with the increase in personal computers, laptops, and other electronic devices for remote work operations.

Secure cloud access provides a one-click remote access solution for employees to access network applications and resources with their devices securely. It also helps eliminate cybersecurity data breaches and malicious attacks, keeping your employee’s devices and the company’s network secure and protected at all times.

Complete network visibility

You get complete visibility over your cloud network and applications with a secure cloud VPN access solution.

It lets you monitor and take a full glance over your network traffic and manage them from a single panel management console. Besides, you can also easily log and audit your network’s traffic and user activity to identify and detect threat vectors and malicious hackers in real-time.

Thus, using a secure cloud VPN alternative, you can leverage granular-level access controls for unmanaged and managed devices.


Ensuring seamless cloud network access is the key to the success of your modern enterprise and organisation.

Traditional cloud access solutions come with many security vulnerabilities, network threats, performance lags, lack of network visibility, control, monitoring, and an increased attack surface.

On the contrary, cloud-based Zero Trust cloud access solutions eliminate all these risks and allow your employees to access your network’s applications and resources from any part of the world securely. As a result, it prevents data breaches and lets you set security policies, control user access, and ensure seamless and uninterrupted network performance. So, if you need a secure cloud access solution to enhance network Cloud Security, make sure to check our InstaSafe Zero Trust Security solutions to strengthen your modern cloud infrastructure and network security. Good luck!

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