What is Always On VPN?

What is Always On VPN?
What is Always On VPN?

In recent years, many businesses and organizations are bringing about remote workforces, and it is with this shift that the demand for reliable, secure and always on VPN solutions arises. These services offer a safe and attested connection to those who are working remotely, allowing them to work effectively from any location while keeping their sensitive information private.

Through the contents of this article we will understand what Always On VPN is, its working and the advantages it presents to businesses.

What is Always On VPN?

Always On VPN is a type of virtual private network that entails an “Always On” feature for remote workers. The idea behind this feature is to constantly maintain a VPN connection that is operational even when the user is not active, such that remote workers can seamlessly connect to their respective corporate networks and access company resources, applications, and data with the utmost security and without the need for a separate VPN client.

How does Always On VPN work?

Always On VPN uses Windows 10’s built-in VPN client and the Internet Key Exchange version 2 protocol. IKEv2 is a reliable and secure protocol that provides robust authentication and encryption standards,

Making it a viable choice for Always On VPN.

At the time of user connection to the corporate network through Always on VPN, their device establishes a secure connection to the VPN server using IKEv2. The VPN server authenticates the user and encrypts their traffic, which is then transmitted securely over the internet to the company network. This connection remains operative even when the user’s device is idle, ensuring that they can access resources of their company instantly as required.

Benefits of Always on VPN

1. Secure Connectivity

Secure and encrypted access to the business network is provided by Always On VPN, safeguarding confidential information and limiting unauthorised access. Always On VPN is constantly active, ensuring that the connection is always secure, in contrast to conventional VPN solutions that demand users to actively connect to the VPN.

2. Seamless Integration

With Windows 10's smooth integration of Always On VPN, deployment and management are made simple. By doing away with the requirement for a distinct VPN client, users no longer need to install and setup as many programs.

3. Cost effectivity

Windows 10 and Always On VPN work together flawlessly, making deployment and management simple. Users no longer have to install and configure as many applications because there is no longer a need for a distinct VPN client.

4. User-Friendly

Always On VPN is user-friendly, allowing remote employees to connect to the corporate network without the need for special technical skills or knowledge.

Always on VPN Services

Setting up for businesses can be challenging even though Always On VPN uses Window’s 10 built-in VPN client, setting it up can be challenging for businesses. Lately,  many companies turn to Always On VPN services provided by managed service providers (MSPs) or various IT service providers. These services offer businesses the support and expertise that they need to set up and maintain an Always ON VPN Solution.

Always On VPN services generally include:

1. Design and Architecture

MSPs collaborate with companies to design and assemble an Always On VPN system that satisfies their particular needs and specifications.

2. Deployment and Configuration

MSPs install and set up the Always On VPN solution, making sure everything is configured properly and everything works as it should.

3. Management and Monitoring

The Always On VPN solution is managed and monitored continuously by MSPs, guaranteeing its accuracy, security, and functionality.

4. Support and Maintenance

The Always On VPN solution is supported and maintained by MSPs, ensuring that any problems are resolved quickly and that the solution continues to be reliable and private.


The assistance and knowledge required to effectively implement an Always On VPN solution are offered by Always On VPN services to businesses. They make it unnecessary for companies to invest in pricey hardware-based solutions or recruit more employees, which attracts many businesses to it.