Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On
Single Sign On - IDAM

InstaSafe IDAM solution is designed to streamline access management by supporting a diverse array of SSO methods. From industry-standard protocols like SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect to seamless Windows integrations such as Integrated Windows Authentication and Kerberos support, our solution ensures a unified and secure access experience. Additionally, our API Connector bridges the gap, enabling SSO capabilities for non-SAML applications.

Supported Single Sign-On Methods:

  1. SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language):
    • Facilitate secure SSO by exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties.
    • Enable seamless access to various applications and services without the need for multiple logins.
    • Support federated identity management for enhanced collaboration.
  2. OAuth:
    • Streamline user access to applications by authorizing third-party services.
    • Provide secure access delegation without exposing user credentials.
    • Support modern, web-based SSO scenarios for improved user experience.
  3. OpenID Connect:
    • Extend OAuth 2.0 to provide user authentication in addition to authorization.
    • Enable secure and standardized authentication across web and mobile applications.
    • Enhance interoperability and compatibility with various identity providers.
  4. Integrated Windows Authentication and Kerberos Support:
    • Seamlessly integrate with Windows environments for a consistent and familiar user experience.
    • Leverage Integrated Windows Authentication to enable automatic sign-in for domain users.
    • Support Kerberos authentication for secure and efficient ticket-based authentication.
  5. API Connector for Non-SAML Applications:
    • Extend SSO capabilities to applications that do not natively support SAML.
    • Bridge the gap by providing a standardized interface for non-SAML applications.
    • Ensure a cohesive and integrated access experience across diverse application landscapes.

For SAML Supported applications, InstaSafe controller act as IDP and supports both IDP initiated authentication and Service provider initiated authentication. For more information, Refer our documentation on Identity Provider for SSO

In conclusion, our IDAM solution's robust support for a wide range of Single Sign-On methods exemplifies our commitment to providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly access management experience. By leveraging these methods, organizations can fortify their security, enhance user experiences, and confidently navigate the complexities of the modern digital landscape.