Understand the features and benefits of Instasafe’s solutions and how we can help with our remote secure access and web security offerings.

Best Ransomware Defense

Ransomware is a software which demands a ransom from you by holding your computer or computer files. Such
malicious software are used by the cyber-criminals to gain monetary profit by demanding payment for the release of the files they keep for ransom.

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Definitive Guide to Browser Security

Protecting a network from today’s cyber threats is an important and daunting task. Many phrases and acronyms are thrown around SWG, UTM, SEIm and the like. There are dozens of tools to secure the enterprise.

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Technical Overview & Architecture

InstaSafe is the only integrated security solution on the market that leverages the power and flexibility
of a cloud computing platform with the delivery of complete multi-layered protection.

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Next Generation Secure Access

Organisations today have a complex network than ever before due to the changing business requirements.

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Solution Brief

Replace Legacy VPN’s that don’t scale with today’s enterprise requirements

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