Product Overview

Product Overview

We offer products that ensure that organisations can quickly connect with confidence, multiple devices to their applications, across a variety of cloud configurations, without new hardware.
Our products, build on emerging technologies such as software-based perimeters which, ensure that the permitted network access is kept to the very bare minimum.

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The Challenge

  • New classes of users - employees, contractors, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.
  • Access the network through a variety of devices - smart phones, tablets, laptops and more
  • From a variety of remote locations - such as homes, coffee shops, airports, located anywhere
  • They need access to applications - web and client-server, located on-premises or in the public cloud.
  • Current VPN and remote access products are not up to the challenge.
The challenge
Instasafe solution

The Solution

Secure Access by InstaSafe is built on the principles used in the defense organisations - the access is encrypted and allowed only on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, using only authorized devices.
Stakeholders, employees, contractors and partners are provided encrypted access using only their authorized devices, to only the applications (not the network) that they need access to - irrespective of either their location or connectivity; and irrespective of the location of the application.
InstaSafe’s Secure Access gives you this security in a simple to manage, pay-as-you-grow model, that is scalable and reliable, and does not require any additional hardware.

Why InstaSafe

Our technology has many thoughtful innovations to secure your network from unauthorized access, without jeopardizing the genuine users, trying to work with your in-house applications.


We block attacks that use stolen passwords - by requiring both the user and the registered device to be appropriately authenticated even before they reach your firewall.


We provide application access only - this prevents any malicious users from scoping the entire network as they would be restricted to an application only.


We do NOT require any inbound firewall rules to enable remote access, hence improving your security posture.


We enable users to get simultaneous access of applications located in multiple DCs and Clouds without having to connect to each location separately.


We enable IT team to manage access to all applications with lesser number of rules - reducing complexity.

Our solution is hence an improvement over other products and services that authenticate users and devices only after they are inside the network, thereby allowing them to take advantage of any vulnerability. We also confine access only to certain ports and protocols required for specific applications, unlike many other solutions, which do not provide such controls. With our technology, users can hence access applications located anywhere, without traffic backhauling.

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