Off-Network Protection

The network perimeter no longer exists. With an exponential increase in the number of remote mobile workers accessing the infrastructure from different parts of the globe on open networks, the definition of network perimeter has been dramatically altered. It has become imperative for CIOs and IT heads to think of new ways to secure the access from all parts of the world.

Instasafe Cloud Web Security offers a simple, comprehensive, robust and cost-effective way to secure the users and devices outside the network perimeter.

Off Network Protection

With the increased acceptance and assimilation of cloud based delivery services into their infrastructure, the concept of network perimeter security has been completely eliminated. This has given rise to a unique new problem making the access of sensitive applications and files at a significant risk and wide open to infection.

By operating the world’s largest security network, comprising 25+ datacentres and connected to a global private backbone network with over 1000+ points of access across the globe; Instasafe solves the network perimeter issue by delivering a comprehensive security protection for users and their devices irrespective of their location around the globe.

The thin footprint Instasafe endpoint client has the unique ability to automatically detect if a device is on or off the network and route the user to the nearest access point thereby ensuring highest level of performance and reliability.

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