Data Leakage Prevention

The biggest security threat to an organisation is data leakage from internal sources and mostly unintentional in nature. Unintentional data leakage of confidential information is the weakest link in an organisation’s security.

Instasafe CWS helps you with policies to control sharing of confidential information over the network thereby helping you with compliance to data security regulations and policies.

Data Leakage Protection

Data Leakage can be prevented with Instasafe CWS by defining, implementing, monitoring and enforcing data policies:

  • Blocking certain file types and extensions on all inbound and outbound basis.
  • Enforcing policies and protection across HTTPS connections.
  • Granular definitions of data access policies by user groups.
  • Blocking and reporting and non-compliance to policies and attempted transmission of sensitive information.

Implementation of the policies is simple with a few clicks. Once configured, the policies can be automatically enforced through email and web activities across designated user groups.

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