Compliance Enforcement

In today’s ever evolving web 2.0 environment, while defining a compliance policy may be easy; monitoring and enforcing a compliance policy is a herculean task. Instasafe Cloud Web Security provides you with the relevant and necessary robust, comprehensive and powerful tools to define and enforce policies.

Comliance Enforcement


Instasafe CWS helps you to easily and effectively define web content and browsing policies.

  • Define and implement regulatory compliance parameters (SOX, HIPAA, PCI etc)
  • Define and implement regulatory compliance parameters (SOX, HIPAA, PCI etc)
  • Define a robust corporate access policy.
  • Monitor, block and control access to non-business content.
  • Block offensive web content.


Instasafe CWS provides the ability to ensure policy compliance through comprehensive technologies and strong notification systems

  • Real time notification of policy breaches and non-compliance situations.
  • Comprehensive information though real time dashboards.
  • Granular monitoring of in-bound & out-bound traffic


Instasafe CWS helps you to enforce controlled access to file transfers, Website and application access and wide range of web content thereby enforcing policy compliance

  • Ensure automatic policy enforcement and prevent attempts to circumvent policy.
  • Content and Application access defined by user profiles.
  • Bandwidth quotas defined and enforced through policies.
  • Granular and in-depth access policies.


Instasafe CWS gives you detailed reports and dashboards to help you analyse the organisation’s internet usage and policy compliance

  • Detailed, Granular and Comprehensive reporting
  • Forensic analysis down to user level
  • Analysis on attempted policy breaches
  • Detailed reports on content, site and application access.
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