Complete Web Protection

Instasafe Cloud Web Security is the simplest and most cost-effective cloud based web security service that protects your website, web applications and web services providing your users with a safe and secure internet connection protected from threats and malware while ensuring that browsing is compliant with your policies.

Being a Cloud Service, Instasafe Cloud Web Security provides your organisation with a versatile and flexible security platform which can be created and deployed instantly without the need for expensive hardware or software.

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Cloud Security

Malware protection

Malware are the bane of any organisation with the potential to wreak havoc in your infrastructure. Instasafe CWS works on sophisticated algorithms to dynamically detect any anomalies, inspect the files and model traffic over the net to protect your organisation from viruses, botnets, spyware, browser exploits and other advanced threats.

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Compliance Enforcement

Compliance to corporate browsing policy is essential to ensure a productive workforce. With Instasafe CWS, it becomes extremely simple and easy to not just define and enforce content and browsing user policies but also get alerts on non-compliance and ability to do forensic compliance analysis.

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Off-Network Protection

With an increase in remote mobile workers accessing from different parts of the globe on open networks, it is imperative to secure the users and devices beyond the network perimeter. Instasafe CWS offers complete security for all users and their devices outside of the perimeter in a simplest and cost-effective manner.

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Data Leakage Prevention

Unintentional data leakage of confidential information is the weakest link in an organisation’s security. Instasafe CWS helps you with policies to control sharing of confidential information over the network thereby helping you with compliance to data security regulations and policies.

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Features & Benefits

Mobile SecurityMobile Security

Web Security protection and policies can be applied anywhere on any device – in office, on the road or at home / on laptop, tablet or workstation.

Url FilteringURL Filtering

Real time content analysis and behavioural modelling in over 50 constantly updated categories of millions of website to enable you to control access to related web content.

Anti-Virus & MalwareAnti-virus & Malware

Incorporates traditional anti-virus technology with sophisticated dynamic anomaly detection and behavioural modelling to protect from bots, spyware, browser exploits and other Web2.0 threats.

Policy CompliancePolicy Compliance

Monitor inbound and outbound web access and ensure that they are compliant to your policies limited access to inappropriate conduct and content which could expose your organisation to legal liability risk.


Access useful and easy to understand graphical and in-depth reports on your internet activity and threats. Reports are available by site, by user, by threat type, by bandwidth usage etc across various time periods.

Directory SynchronisationDirectory Synchronisation

InstaSafe provides automated user account directory synchronization to streamline administration and save you time and effort. InstaSafe supports all common directory formats including Active Directory and LDAP.


Connect to the service in 5 steps. Instant up and running. No upgrades, no patches, no maintenance. Just connect and you get the latest at all times.

Cost SavingsCost Savings

Pay-as-you-grow with subscription licensing. No up-front investment in expensive or obsolete hardware. Save on bandwidth by controlling access to heavy sites and applications like YouTube and streaming apps which consume 70%-90% os your bandwidth.

Expert InvolvementExpert Involvement

24/7 email traffic management by security experts constantly modelled against other networks to detect anomalies.

Why Instasafe?

Secure in minutes

Implementing Instasafe CWS is a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days, and is a simple 6-step process. Instasafe does not require any change in your existing infrastructure and there is no additional need for extra hardware or software to be installed.

Pay as you grow

Cloud based delivery ensures flexibility and scalability as and when you need it. With Instasafe, you no longer need to worry about overhead and setup costs associated with expensive on-premise appliances and over-provisioning. Instasafe’s SaaS delivery model ensures that you pay-as-you-grow making it the most cost effective security solution.

Crowdsourced Security

Using the latest in crowdsourcing techniques, Instasafe aggregates knowledge about the latest security threats, including DDoS attack methods across the entire network and applies the new mitigation rules in real-time across all protected websites.

Always ON Support

A dedicated team of experienced SOC engineers work around the clock 24/7 to ensure real-time support for your infrastructure including consistent monitoring, adaptive policy tuning, proactive response and event management and regular reporting to ensure uptime and protection of your websites.

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