Secure Access for Hybrid Data Centers

Our products build on emerging technologies such as software-based perimeters, device-based authentication and encrypted tunnelling, ensure that the permitted network access is kept to the very bare minimum.

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Product Overview

Challenges in securing Hybrid Data Centers

User organizations are increasingly using hybrid infrastructure by combining their own internal clouds with third-party infrastructure. They have, for example, moved non-sensitive applications to SaaS providers, and some other applications and even the DR setup to IaaS providers.

Gartner has forecast that by 2020, 90 percent of organizations will implement hybrid infrastructure capabilities, according to a report released in April 2017.

The availability of applications is handled very well and cost-effectively by adopting this blend of in-house and third-party resources. But many organisations find that a major challenge of this model is to ensure the security of these applications.

A secure process has to be established for multi-location access to the applications, which is lacking in most current remote access solutions. This is the problem that InstaSafe Secure Access solves efficiently.

Secure Access in a hybrid environment

Offering multiple layers of security, Secure Access by InstaSafe enables an organization to check the level of trust of a remote user before allowing access to the applications. The applications themselves are protected by keeping them within the private network, without any public IP addressing or revealing of DNS information. Using our central management console - named Core - InstaSafe Secure Access can be easily managed by a small team from a single location.

The InstaSafe architecture outlined below provides a high-level view of how the hybrid data center and the users are interconnected.

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Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Authentication and authorization of devices and users is done in the InstaSafe Cloud All users and their devices are authenticated and verified before they reach the DC
Bind device to user using endpoint fingerprinting Credential theft attacks are blocked as stolen credentials will not work on unregistered / unauthorized devices
Simultaneously access applications in multiple DCs / Clouds Users get seamless access irrespective of the location of the application (unlike legacy VPNs that require you to connect to each location individually - one at a time)
Data Center / Public Cloud Edge Firewall does not require any open inbound rules unlike legacy VPN solutions There are no open ports that can be compromised.
Built-in multi-factor authentication support Certificate + password + OTP + device binding creates a very secure MFA authentication and authorisation system
Single pane view and control Applications' access by users in multiple locations is controlled and managed from a single intuitive management console reducing IT security team overheads

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